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Emmanuel Feulié

Head of cinema
M: +33 (0)6 09 99 36 89

Mia Billard

Nouvelle-Aquitaine Film Commission manager
M: +33 (0)6 12 51 78 67

Noémie Benayoun

Nathalie Bremond

 Feature Film Funds
+33 (0)6 28 50 48 25

ALCA, (The New Aquitaine Region cultural agency for publishing and cinema), provides a wide range of backing services for cinema and TV industries. It supports creation and production through funds, a regional film commission, artists-inresidence programs, partnerships with Labs and International film markets, distribution of films linked with the region through an arthouse cinemas’ network. It also stands by film professionals from the region for national and international film festivals, market and coproduction events.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Western France) is the biggest region in France and its network of 7 local film commissions located across the territory (see map) enables to keep a close connection with all kind of local resources.   It offers an ecosystem of cinema industries and talents working on an international level throughout the entire region. An important animation cluster exerts internationally just like “Magelis” based in Angouleme. Thanks to the large scope of its service providers and facilities, its specialised schools, its professional networks and the diversity of its natural and man-made locations, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region provides real opportunities for filmmakers.

With 720km of Atlantic coastline, 4 commercial harbours, 10 airports (7 international), its countryside and big cities the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region has become a very attractive territory which provides any kind of locations you are looking for.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region through ALCA manages a 7M€ film fund, which reach 11M€ with local governments (Charente, Charente- Maritime, Dordogne, Gironde, Landes and Lot-et- Garonne), active in all fields (documentary, fiction, TV, animation) and at every step of the creation process (scriptwriting, development, production).

The fund is opened to international coproduction through a production partner established in the region. Around a fortnight production companies established in the region are involved in international coproduction in all fields (documentary, animation, fiction).



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