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Johanne Prat

Head of Film commission, attractiveness, territorial cooperation
T: +33 (0)2 31 06 23 27
M: +33 (0)6 08 03 61 83

Normandie Images

A modern network of cinemas, renowned festivals and dynamic professionals, Normandy is a vibrant region for the seventh art, audiovisual media and animation. A great location for shoots, Normandy has provided the setting for many films.

Our mission at Normandie Images is to contribute to the development of cinema, audiovisual media and multimedia creation through active involvement in the implementation of public policies in the region.

We reach out to professionals, local authorities and audiences of all kinds. We offer support to the creative and production sectors: accompanying film shoots, optimizing distribution and exposure, and providing resources, advice and expertise to industry professionals.

We are actively involved in expanding professional networks, facilitating inter-professional cooperation and promoting development in the sector.

We encourage innovation and adaptation to the challenges of digital technologies and new usages.

We actively endorse cinema and audiovisual education, providing the public with access to creative content while respecting the principles and values of cultural rights. 

We work to preserve Normandy’s audiovisual and cinematic memory with our ongoing collection and promotion of amateur and professional films.



Our Creation/Production Department contributes significantly to the expansion and development of the cinema and audiovisual sector in Normandy.

Through their collaborative efforts to provide financial aid to quality projects, the CNC and Région Normandie are contributing to the cultural diversity, creative renewal and emergence of new talent in the cinema and audiovisual sectors in Normandy. Région Normandie has entrusted the management and administration of the Fonds d’Aide Cinéma et Audiovisuel to Normandie Images, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Règlement Cadre d’Intervention available on (in French only).


The Fonds d’Aide Cinéma et Audiovisuel provides financial aid for :

  • Short film production
  • Additional support for original soundtracks (in conjunction with the SACEM)
  • Feature film scriptwriting and development
  • Feature film production
  • Documentary scriptwriting and development
  • Documentary production
  • Creation of alternative images and digital works
  • Structural development of production companies
  • Co-development of international projects

L’Accueil de Tournage is a free facilitation service provided to French and foreign film and audiovisual production companies who wish to shoot all or part of their film in the region.


We offer the following logistical services and advantages to production crews :

  • Access to databases highlighting the sites and skills available in Normandy : a directory of technical and other useful service providers located in the region, and an index of cinema and audiovisual technicians and actors who are based here.
  • Preliminary location scouting,
  • Coordination of communication with local authorities,
  • Advice on recruiting local cinema and audiovisual technicians,
  • Help organizing auditions, Access to office space for pre-production purposes.




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