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The Region of Reunion and the French State have entrusted the Film Reunion Agency with the implementation of a dynamic policy of support for the cinema, audiovisual and new media in order to encourage their diversity and emergence.

This policy covers everything from the creation and production of films to their distribution to all audiences. Created in 2001 and member of the national network Film France, the Agence Film Réunion has the following missions

  • Hosting film shoots: The Agence Film Réunion supplies, centralises and makes available databases: sets, service providers, technicians, authors, directors, local producers, actors, etc. and communication tools in order to attract the location of film shoots.
  • Supporting project developers: Informing and guiding project developers, examining their files, proposing experts and providing the secretariat for the Réunion Film Commission (CFR). It responds to requests from local and international production companies both in terms of production and filming and local resources.
  • To provide expertise, support and monitoring of the sector: The association represents the audiovisual, cinematographic and multimedia sector in Réunion on foreign markets. Present at local, national and international events, it also develops actions in terms of regional cooperation in the Indian Ocean area. The Agence Film Réunion thus promotes the territory and supports the local audiovisual, cinematographic and multimedia sector, by developing companies and talents, and by contributing to increasing the quality of productions, reception services and their promotion in the rest of France, in the OI zone and internationally.
  • Raise awareness of the visual arts among young people:
    • Develop students’ awareness of the visual arts as part of their schooling and encourage encounters with cinematographic works;
    • Complete teacher training and resources to facilitate students’ access to works in the catalogue of the Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC).
    • Ensure the concrete implementation of the three schemes according to the specifications established for each of them.